– a small music site that caught my attention

Last night music was a bit of an issue at the small college party I was at. A laptop was setup were people were always scrambling to find/play music off of youtube. A friend of mine suggested that they stream music off of a website called He said it was easy because they have party music and all you have to do is choose a genre. Once I heard the name of the website I became curious. Another knockoff Pandora? I looked into it today and found out that licences out the music-streams/technology offered by After a bit more digging and comparing both sites, it seemed as though was a bit more popular than since they had more facebook shares, fans. However, the statistics below show that has been falling under.

Despite the low traffic, it seems as if has a perfect little niche — to offer college students free already-picked-out songs in playlist format for their parties. Who has time to make their own playlists anymore.. let alone stand by a computer and hit “next” throughout the night? It’s a great idea for a website!